Hadith Collections – Self-Suffering Facing Something That Hurts the Heart


From Abu Hurairah RA when a man asked, “O Messenger of Allah, I have some relatives, whom I contacted but they decided. I treat them kindly but they treat me with contempt, I am patient with their attitude but they are cruel to me. ” Then he said, “If it is true that you say it, it is as if you are feeding them with hot ashes, while you are always assisted by Allah Taala as long as you are in such circumstances.”

Hadith Description: 

  1. Islam teaches its people to be patient in all situations whether they are happy or difficult because it is a weapon or fortress in the face of life in this world and a measure of one’s faith.
  2. Islam teaches its people not to return evil to those who love to do something that is offensive, but their actions will increase their own sin.
  3. God always helps those who are always righteous and persecuted.
  4. Every Muslim is obliged to link his friendship and illegitimate.
  5. Islam requires its people to do good even to the wrongdoers in the hope that they will resign and abandon their bad behavior.

(Muslim History Hadith)

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