Hadith Collections – Must Drink Using the Sacred Form


From Huzaifah RA he said, “Indeed, the Prophet (SAW) forbade us to wear coats of silk (for men only) and to drink in containers made of gold and silver (men and women). He said, “All these things are for the disbelievers of the world, but you will find them in the hereafter.”  

Hadith Description: 

  1. Men are not allowed to wear clothes made of silk whether they are soft or rough. Instead, women can wear silk.
  2. Islam strictly forbids men and women to use containers made of gold and silver because the effects of wearing them can produce bad habits such as pride and self.
  3. Although Muslims are forbidden to use containers made of gold and silver in the world, they will receive the favor in the hereafter.

(Al-Bukhari and Muslim History Hadith)

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