Hadith Collections – Honor the Guest


From Abu Hurairah RA, the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said, “Whoever believes in Allah and in the hereafter, he should honor the guests who come to visit him and strengthen their friendship with the spirit of Islamic brotherhood. Whoever believes in God and the Hereafter, should speak good and sweet words, or be silent from speaking vain things. ”  

Hadith Description: 

  1. People who honor their guests and associate with them will be loved by Allah and His Messenger.
  2. Among the attributes of a believer and a devout are to speak the good word and to keep quiet from talking in vain.
  3. Saying something useless is a disgusting trait in Islam. Therefore, silence is better.
  4. One of the hallmarks of the perfection of faith is the glorification of the guest for the reward of Allah Almighty.

(Al-Bukhari and Muslim History Hadith)

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