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From ‘Iyadh bin Himar RA, he said, I heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) say, “There are three divisions of the people, namely, the government of fairness and the gift of peace, the one who is kind and gentle to every Muslim family and fellow, does not like to beg and try to avoid begging when he has a large family.

Hadith Description: 

  1. The three classes of heavenly beings are:
    • A government that is just in its government and is provided by Allah.
    • People who are affectionate and gentle are especially towards family members and generally Muslim.
    • A person who stays strong and suffers from the difficulties of life without expecting the help of others.

2. One of the signs of the heavenly being is that one has the characteristics mentioned in this hadith.

(Muslim History Hadith)

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