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From Abu Hurairah RA that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said, “If a human being (Muslim) dies then all his actions will be discarded except for three things, namely charity, the benefit of knowledge (to himself or to others) and to a righteous child / good deeds and always pray for them. ”  

Hadith Description: 

  1. This hadith expresses the benefits of knowledge.
  2. Encourages us to practice practices that bring continuous rewards until after death such as landfill and so on.
  3. The family members of the deceased are encouraged to give alms to him, either on their heirs or on their own property.
  4. All charitable deeds of a person will be discontinued upon his death, except for three things, namely charity with the intention of God, knowledge which can be used by oneself and others and children of good faith / good faith who always pray to him

(Muslim History Hadith)

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