(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Connect your Facebook Pixel with a GDPR Cookie Consent Notice

  The fbq revoke and grant commands in the Facebook Pixel allow us to programmatically hold back data from being sent to Facebook Ads and Analytics. We can connect these to our Cookie Consent Forms to become GDPR compliant. Advertisements


(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Connect your Cookie Consent Form with Google Analytics AllowAdFeature flag

  GDPR has raised the question how we could enable and disable Advertising Features in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager – Previously there was no good way of doing this programmatically, but in this Live Stream we want to take a look at the new feature of […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – What Goals should you define in your Google Analytics ?

  Google Analytics Goals are the single most important part to setup in your account to gather meaningful data. But what goals should you implement? In this video we are going to discover ways to explore your goal setup for your website and business.

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Query Strings and Parameters explained – Marketers Tech Knowledge

  What is are Query strings and Parameters? Little bits of information encoded directly to the URL. It is often used by Marketing Tools such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook and more. In this video we are going to learn how to encode our own information into a […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to setup and install Google Optimize ?

  Google Optimize has become a popular tools for A/B Testing and Conversion Rate optimization – Here is how to set it up. First we will discover the account creation, then we’ll see how to install the snippet with Google Tag Manager or the other hardcoded versions of […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Facebook Analytics vs. Google Analytics – Which is better?

  Facebook Analytics has been introduced to give new insights on the data that is collected via the Facebook Pixel. Is it better than Google Analytics? What are the differences or similarities between the tools? Let’s find out….

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to track iFrames with Google Tag Manager ?

  Iframe Tracking with GTM was always kind of hard, because iFrames are Webpages that are loaded within other webpages. Since Google Tag Manager can only listen and track events within the parent Frame we need to use a Browser Api called postMessage to send data from the […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Crypto Mining with Google Tag Manager? Cryptojacking and Coinhive

  With JS libraries like CoinHive it is possible to run a Mining operation through JavaScript on your Website. Is this something you would install on your Website? Maybe even through Google Tag Manager? Or is Cryptojacking just Malware that you should avoid?

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Quick Pivot Table Tutorial in Google Sheets | Part 3

  Pivot Tables are great for quick Analysis WITHOUT using Formulas. You simply need to have your data organized in Columns and can start using the Pivot Table functionality in Google Sheets. In this video we are going to discover how to use Pivot Tables for Data Analysis […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Where did the Email Subscriber come from ? | Lead Source Tracking

  Where did the user come from that signed up to our forms or subscribed to the newsletter? We can port this information from when the user first enters our page into a hidden form field and then store it in our CRM system. In this video we […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Link Tracking with Google Analytics

  How do you track Link Clicks with Google Analytics? There are two techniques that we are going to discover today in this video: Outbound Link Tracking with UTM Parameters Inbound LInk Tracking with Google Analytics Event Tracking Depending on what kind of Link you want to track […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Abandoned Cart Email Campaign with Google Tag Manager and Klaviyo

  To implement an Abandoned Cart Email Campaign you need to track the user action and send an email if he doesn’t reach the Confirmation page of your store. Here is the plan: Identify the user (e.g. once he enters his email in a field) Fire an event […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to track Success and Error Messages with Google Tag Manager ?

  After a form submit, click or other user action you usually get back a message from the website telling you what happened to your request. Sometimes it’s a success or error message that you want to track in your Analytics system or with the Facebook Pixel. With […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Import JSON-LD Meta Information from the YouTube API for embedded Videos

  Having JSON-LD data about your embedded Videos on your site can help produce Rich Search Results for Videos in Google Search. Just writing this data can be tedious, so we came up with a workaround that enables us to pull the data directly from the YouTube API […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – First Look: Pivot Tables in Google Data Studio

  Pivot Tabes in Google Data Studio give you the ability to display your data in a table with multiple dimension at the same time. This gives you the ability to use Data Studio for Data Exploration but also it gives you a new ability to display your […]

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(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to track Modal Popups with Google Tag Manager ?

  How many people saw your Popup or Modal Overlay on your website? With the Google Tag Manager Element Visibility Trigger we can now track just that and fire our Google Analytics Event Tags, Facebook Pixel or AdWords Conversion Tags right from GTM.

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – AdWords Conversion Tracking with GTM and gtag.js ?

  AdWords switched their Conversion Tracking code to a gtag.js option. How do you install this with Google Tag Manager? In this video we are going to explain why this was changed, how you can find the ConversionID and Conversion Label in the code and why you should […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Element Visibility Trigger in Google Tag Manager

  How can you track elements that appear in your screen? With this new trigger we can detect how much of a Element was visible and for how long. We can also detect changes in the DOM which was previously only available in Custom Listeners. Very cool… let’s […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – First-Look: Google Tag Manager Scroll Depth Trigger

  Google Tag Manager has just released a Scroll Depth Trigger to detect whether the user scroll down a page. This new trigger is build in and doesn’t require any kind of custom integration of JavaScript code. It’s a great addition to GTMs Auto-Event Tracking capabilities and today […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Track Element Visibility with Google Tag Manager (feat. Julius Fed from AnalyticsMania)

  Ever wished you could deploy a tag when an Element became visible on the Screen? Julian Fed from AnalyticMania has published a custom Listener that can detect wether the user sees an Element on his screen and then fires your desired tracking. In this video he’s going […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – What is Scope in Google Analytics? Understanding Hit, Session and User Scope

  Google Analytics puts your data into different Scopes and calculates metrics and dimensions based on these. But what are they exactly? In this video we are going to learn about Scopes and take a look behind the scenes of how the Google Analytics Processing engine works. There […]


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