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(Video) Google Docs Tutorial 2018

  Learn how to use Google Docs to create excellent online documents that can be easily shared with others. Google Docs is similar to Microsoft Word and can be used as a replacement for it. Advertisements


(Video) Learn Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel : Creating Pivot Tables in Excel Tutorial 2018

  Learn how to create pivot tables in Excel and how to use them to draw out the information you want to see. Pivot tables are intimidating to many Excel users, but they don’t have to be. This tutorial clarifies and simplifies the key information you need to […]

Measure School – How to Install Google Tag Manager on WordPress ?

  WordPress and Google Tag Manager are very popular tools of content publishers today. WordPress as the leading CMS and GTM as the rapidly growing Tag Management System. Since Google Tag Manager was recently updated and now recommends the implementation of TWO separate snippet, it is time to […]

Measure School – 3 ways to view Funnels in Google Analytics

    Google Analytics Funnels can be viewed differently in GA itself. In this video, we are exploring the Funnel Visualization view, Horizontal Funnels and Enhanced Ecommerce tracking funnels. There are also Goals Flows and the reversed funnel steps that you could take a look at, but for […]

Measure School – How to Implement Google Analytics Scroll Tracking Events with Google Tag Manager ?

  Track how far your users are scrolling down the page with Google Analytics. This week we show you how to implement such tracking with the help of Google Tag Manager. We use a GTM Recipe from LunaMetrics which you can upload directly into your GTM Account

(Video) Learn Microsoft Power Point -Office Mix Tutorial 2016 Microsoft PowerPoint tool

  Learn how to use Microsoft’s Office Mix to create narrated slideshows in PowerPoint. You can also use it to easily add video clips, screenshots, drawings, and interactive questions to your presentations! Check out this amazing, FREE PowerPoint add-on.

Measure School – Google Analytics Timestamp Custom Dimension with Google Tag Manager

  Do you need to determine exactly when a pageview, event, transaction or other GA hit happened? Then check out this video where we show you how to install a GA Custom Dimension which performs those actions. The Dimension will give you the exact Timestamp which will help […]

(Video) Learn Microsoft Power Point -Intermediate PowerPoint – Adding Videos to Presentations

  Learn about the options for adding videos to your PowerPoint presentations in this intermediate-level PowerPoint tutorial. There are three main ways to add videos. In addition there are several different video options you’ll want to consider when adding videos to your presentations.

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