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(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Abandoned Cart Email Campaign with Google Tag Manager and Klaviyo

  To implement an Abandoned Cart Email Campaign you need to track the user action and send an email if he doesn’t reach the Confirmation page of your store. Here is the plan: Identify the user (e.g. once he enters his email in a field) Fire an event […]


(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to track Success and Error Messages with Google Tag Manager ?

  After a form submit, click or other user action you usually get back a message from the website telling you what happened to your request. Sometimes it’s a success or error message that you want to track in your Analytics system or with the Facebook Pixel. With […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Import JSON-LD Meta Information from the YouTube API for embedded Videos

  Having JSON-LD data about your embedded Videos on your site can help produce Rich Search Results for Videos in Google Search. Just writing this data can be tedious, so we came up with a workaround that enables us to pull the data directly from the YouTube API […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – First Look: Pivot Tables in Google Data Studio

  Pivot Tabes in Google Data Studio give you the ability to display your data in a table with multiple dimension at the same time. This gives you the ability to use Data Studio for Data Exploration but also it gives you a new ability to display your […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to track Modal Popups with Google Tag Manager ?

  How many people saw your Popup or Modal Overlay on your website? With the Google Tag Manager Element Visibility Trigger we can now track just that and fire our Google Analytics Event Tags, Facebook Pixel or AdWords Conversion Tags right from GTM.

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – AdWords Conversion Tracking with GTM and gtag.js ?

  AdWords switched their Conversion Tracking code to a gtag.js option. How do you install this with Google Tag Manager? In this video we are going to explain why this was changed, how you can find the ConversionID and Conversion Label in the code and why you should […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Element Visibility Trigger in Google Tag Manager

  How can you track elements that appear in your screen? With this new trigger we can detect how much of a Element was visible and for how long. We can also detect changes in the DOM which was previously only available in Custom Listeners. Very cool… let’s […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – First-Look: Google Tag Manager Scroll Depth Trigger

  Google Tag Manager has just released a Scroll Depth Trigger to detect whether the user scroll down a page. This new trigger is build in and doesn’t require any kind of custom integration of JavaScript code. It’s a great addition to GTMs Auto-Event Tracking capabilities and today […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Track Element Visibility with Google Tag Manager (feat. Julius Fed from AnalyticsMania)

  Ever wished you could deploy a tag when an Element became visible on the Screen? Julian Fed from AnalyticMania has published a custom Listener that can detect wether the user sees an Element on his screen and then fires your desired tracking. In this video he’s going […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – What is Scope in Google Analytics? Understanding Hit, Session and User Scope

  Google Analytics puts your data into different Scopes and calculates metrics and dimensions based on these. But what are they exactly? In this video we are going to learn about Scopes and take a look behind the scenes of how the Google Analytics Processing engine works. There […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to create Change with Google Analytics ? | Lesson 4

  It’s important to remind yourself that Google Analytics alone doesn’t do anything for you. You need to take the crucial step of putting data into action. In this video we are going to explore 3 ways of doing that: Reporting + Presentation Testing Traffic Actions

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Track Tab Visibility with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

  Is your page really being looked at? If you want to detect wether your site is in the visible state or just open in the background you can now build a custom listener to detect the visibility state of your tab easily with Google Tag Manager. This […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to install Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager (2017) ?

  Rarely it is recommended to install the Google Analytics Tracking Script directly onto your website anymore. Nowadays Google Tag Manager is used to deploy tracking codes across your website. In this video I’m going to show you how to install GTM onto your webpage and then deploy […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – First time Google Analytics Setup | Lesson 2

  Setting up Google Analytics is an important step that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Data that is entering the account is not retroactive, so you can’t go back and change it later. That’s why you need to make sure the Measurement part is correct. In this lesson I’m […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Quick Google Analytics Introduction [Lesson 1]

  Google Analytics is the standard Web Tracking tool for website owners. It is very powerful in the measuring, reporting and analysing your data. In this first lesson we’ll discover how it works, what you can do with it and why you should be using it.

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Google Analytics Content Tracking – 5 (advanced) ways to track your Content

  By default Google Analytics is not a tool that is specialized on Blogs, News sites or any other content-driven offerings on the web. But with a few modifications we can turn it into a powerful insight machine that let’s us track more specifically for content websites. In […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – 10 Chrome Extensions to ease your work with Google Tag Manager

  Want to work faster in GTM? These Chrome extensions will help you do your work in Google Tag Manager faster, more efficient and clearer. I have tested 10 Chrome Extensions that can be used in combination with Google Tag Manager. These help you with the display of […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Get your (not provided) data back with Keyword Hero – Does it work?

  Google took away Keyword data in Google Analytics in 2014 and replaced it with (not provided) – How can you get it back? Try it out:… Keyword Hero claims it can help you backfill your GA reports with the Keyword data. Using different data sources, Machine […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Facebook Ads Dashboard with Google Data Studio | Lesson 3

  Facebook Dashboards can be easily built with Google Data Studio if you have prepared the data correctly. In this lesson we are going to visualize our data set and build our Dashboard complete with date control, filters and calculated fields. You are going to learn how to […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Combine Data Sources in Google Data Studio | Lesson 2

  In this lesson we’re going to setup our data sources in Google Sheets with the help of Supermetrics. We’re going to pull data from Facebook Ads and Google Analytics and prepare it to later be used in Google Data Studio. Google Sheets combined with Supermetrics is a […]

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