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(Video) Microsoft Visio – Align and Distribute Shapes

Learn how to improve the look of your diagrams with spacing and alignment options in Microsoft Visio 2010. This video reviews several features to help you create good-looking diagrams more easily, such as Auto Align & Space to quickly adjust the positions of all objects and Live preview, […]


(Video) Microsoft Visio – Shapes in Visio

Learn how to create diagrams more quickly by working with shapes in Microsoft Visio 2010. This video reviews several tips for working with shapes more effectively by using keyboard and pointer shortcuts and new features of Visio 2010. It covers shortcuts for duplicating objects, tips for rotating objects, […]

(Video) Learn Microsoft Excel – How To Use Excel Index Match ? (The Right Way)

  How to do Index Match in Excel: The basics. Watch this video tutorial to find out how you can use Index & Match for more complex lookup problems. This video shows you how Index Match works with simple and to the point explanation. It first shows you […]

(Video) Learn Microsoft Excel – Excel VLOOKUP: Basics of VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP explained with examples

  Find out how to do a VLOOKUP in Excel and for what situations you can use Excel’s Vlookup and Hlookup formulas for. The Excel VLOOKUP formula can search for a specific category or value in an Excel data table and return the “opposing” value from adjacent columns. […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to Use GTM Download Redirects to Track Links, Downloads and Email Clicks ?

  Tracking email links, downloads, and others outbound resources accurately can be challenging. In this video, I show you how you do all these with a combination of redirects Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to Track Conversion Values with Google Tag Manager ?

  How do we track conversion values and send them over to Google Analytics? In this video, I will share to you two methods of implementing Conversion Value Tracking that work great with Adwords, Facebook and other Conversion Tags.

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to Use Regular Expressions with Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics ?

  Regular Expressions can help you gain flexibility when searching and matching URLs in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. In this video, we go through some examples of Regular Expressions and show how you can use them to take your analytic skills to the next level.

(Video) Refresh Pivot Table Automatically when Source Data Changes

  In this video I explain how to refresh pivot tables automatically when the source data changes. This solution uses a simple VBA macro and the Worksheet Change event. The Worksheet Change event macro runs every time a change is made to a worksheet. We can use this […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to Use Custom Calculated Metrics with Google Analytics ?

  Let’s explore Google Analytic’s newest feature, Calculated Metrics. In this video, we take a look at some of its great uses and show you how you can create your own custom calculated metrics that meet your business or client needs.

(Video) How to Create a Dashboard Using Pivot Tables and Charts in Excel ? (Part 3)

  This is part 3 in the series on Pivot Tables and Dashboards. In this video we bring it all together to create the interactive dashboard. You will learn how to: Group dates into months and years to create a time series trend chart. Group amounts to create […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – How to Build Your Own Event Driven Timer Trigger in Google Tag Manager

  GTM has a built-in timer that starts when a user enters the page. With this trigger we cannot control when the timer trigger actually starts. In today’s video, I will share with you how to build our own timer trigger that starts based on user’s interaction in […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Google Analytics Dashboard with Google Sheets (Reporting API)

  Google Analytics Dashboard and custom Reporting functionality are not always flexible enough. That’s why Digital Analyst prefer to export the data out of GA (via the Reporting API) and manipulate the data in other Tools. In this video, we’ll take a look at how you can accomplish […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Track Form Field Data with Google Tag Manager

  Form submissions are the best way to gather information from your website users and visitors. All information we can get will surely help us with segmentation, retargeting, and analyzing customer groups and preferences. In today’s video, I will teach you one technique to extract data from a […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Measure User Conversion Time with Google Tag Manager

  Learn how you can quantify the amount of time a user spends on your website before he converts. This metric can provide us valuable data for segmentation, retargeting and analysis. In today’s video, I will teach you techniques on how to set this up in GTM using […]

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