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(Video) Microsoft Access 2013/2016 : Part 1 (Tables)



(Video) Microsoft Visio – Build and Apply Reports from Share Data

Learn how to extract and present shape data as reports in Microsoft Visio 2010. This video introduces reports, such as a shape inventory for a circuit diagram or an asset report for a space plan diagram. It shows that Visio can automatically build a web page report or […]

(Video) Microsoft Visio – Expose Dynamic Data with Text Fields

Learn how to display dynamic data as text in Microsoft Visio 2010. This video reviews several ways to expose a variety of information, such as shape dimensions, shape data, or page numbers. It covers how you can add text to shape labels or custom callout shapes using text […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – Advanced Google Analytics Integrations with Google Tag Manager

  We are finally launching our new course Advanced Google Analytics integrations with Google Tag Manager. In this course, we will go over advanced Tracking Techniques to enhance your data set and make you a better digital analyst. Topics include: User ID Tracking Cross Domain Tracking Enhanced Ecommerce […]

(Video) Microsoft Visio – Drawing Explorer and Document Stencils

Learn about two advanced features of Microsoft Visio 2010 that give you a view into the inner workings of a Visio document file and can help you to be more productive. This video reviews document stencils, which contain all of the shapes used in a document, making them […]

(Video) Microsoft Visio – Web Publish and Share Interactice Diagrams

Learn how to share your Microsoft Visio 2010 dynamic diagrams through Visio Services in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office 365. This video reviews how to publish Visio diagrams in the new data-refreshable web drawing format, making them available to anyone through a web browser (or restrict access […]

(Video) Measure School of Google Analytics – 10 Ways To Filter Your Data in Google Analytics ?

  In this video, we fire through 10 great ways to filter,segment and view your data in Google Analytics. 1.Date Range 2.Choosing the right Reports 3.Drilling Down 4.Search Filtering 5.Custom Segments 6.Dimensions 7.Secondary Dimensions 8.Sorting & Weighing 9.Building Customized Reports & Dashboards 10.Profile Filters

(Video) Microsoft Visio – Visualize Business Data with Data Graphics

Learn how to visualize business intelligence linked to diagrams by using data graphics in Microsoft Visio 2010. This video reviews how to create and edit data graphics that display linked external data as text, colors, or icons directly in the shapes of your diagram—since the data links are […]

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