Solid Fuel Tablets Lilin Bakar Outdoor Camping Hiking (8pcs/Box)

Solid fuel refers to various types of solid material that are used as fuel to produce energy and provide heating, usually released through combustion. Solid fuels include wood, charcoal, peat, coal, Hexamine fuel tablets, and pellets made from wood, corn, wheat, rye and other grains.

Solid-fuel rocket technology also uses solid fuel. Solid fuels have been used by humanity for many years to create fire. Coal was the fuel source which enabled the industrial revolution, from firing furnaces, to running steam engines.

Wood was also extensively used to run steam locomotives. Both peat and coal are still used in electricity generation today. The use of some solid fuels is restricted or prohibited in some urban areas, due to unsafe levels of toxic emissions.

The use of other solid fuels such as wood is increasing as heating technology and the availability of good quality fuel improves. In some areas, smokeless coal is often the only solid fuel used. In Ireland, peat briquettes are used as smokeless fuel.

They are also used to start a coal fire. Solid fuels are contrasted with liquid fuels and gaseous fuels.

Size: 5cm x 2cm x 5cm

Weight: 0.233 kg

Color: White

Material: Hexamine

Packing: 8pcs/box

*Note: Metal Cooker NOT INCLUDE

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