(Podcasts) Digital Marketing Tools – How to Drive More Paid Signups In Your Funnel?

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We talk about how to drive more paid sign-ups in your sale funnel. Funnels are the all-important part of your sales system and you need to optimize yours in order to get maximum customers and sales! Tune in to hear about using video, on-boarding and pricing to up your game!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How to Drive More Paid Sign-ups in Your Funnel.
  • [00:33] Explaining the role of a funnel in sales.
  • [01:11] Driving traffic to your homepage through your blog and a re-marketing pixel.
  • [01:43] Simplifying on-boarding and focussing on the customer experience.
  • [03:22] Using a re-marketing video with emotion and logic to capture customers.
  • [04:44] Introductory pricing and creative ways to open the door for users.
  • [05:58] That is it for today!
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